Exploring Caves in Texas

In The Adventures of Willy Nilly & Thumper – The Lost Treasure of Mount Methuselah, our friends explore a cave and find treasure!  The treasure you will find exploring the caves of Texas is an adventure with your family!  Texas is blessed with many interesting and beautiful caves.  Take some time this year to explore some with your children.  You won’t be disappointed.

Natural Bridges Caverns
Located 30 minutes from downtown San Antonio; tours for all ages

Cascade Caverns
Located 14 miles northwest of San Antonio; campground available

Longhorn Caverns
Located an hour northwest of Austin in beautiful Longhorn Cavern State Park

Wonder World
Located near San Marcos, this is the only earthquake formed cave in the nation

Inner Space
Located 20 miles north of Austin, this cave system was discovered in 1963 during construction of a Texas highway

Discover the underground world of caves with your family.  And read The Lost Treasure of Mount Methuselah to find out how Willy Nilly and Thumper’s adventure ends!