June Backyard Adventure: A Mystery Drive

Willy Nilly & Thumper’s Backyard Adventure for June: A Mystery Drive

A big part of having an adventure is not knowing the outcome.  This month, our
Backyard Adventure involves a Mystery Drive and the outcome is most definitely unknown. Plan the Mystery Drive for an evening when everyone can relax and no one is in a hurry. Prepare a picnic dinner or pick up a simple meal at a local restaurant. Give each child a coin (and a blindfold if you want to make things even more interesting).  Let the Mystery Drive begin!

  • The driver heads out with no particular destination in mind.
  • At random intersections, the adults in the car call out “Flip!”
  • The children in the car take turns flipping their coin.  If the coin lands on “heads”, the driver turns right. If the coin lands on “tails” the driver turns left.
  • After twelve (12) coin flips, the driver stops.  This is your Mystery Drive Destination and your adventurous spot for dining.

Maybe you’re lucky and have ended up at a park or other green space. Maybe not so lucky and you’re parked in front of the bus station. Regardless, make the best of the situation and bring out the food. Whether you eat in the car, on a blanket in the grass or on a bus stop bench, it will be a meal long remembered.  Making memories is the best part of adventure and of family!

Willy Nilly & Thumper have a treasure chest where they store a keepsake from each of their adventures. When you get home, put one of the coins in your own adventure treasure chest and begin collecting your own family adventure memories.