Make Family Reading Time Fun

Do you find yourself nagging your child to read? Has reading time become a war
zone? Check out these ideas to make the process easier and more fun for kids and parents.

Take Notes
Give kids a pad of post-it notes and ask them to draw an exclamation point for exciting parts of the story, a question mark if they see a word they don’t know, a happy face if they love a certain paragraph.  When their book is full of Post-It notes, sit down and talk about their notes.

Add an Activity
After reading, video your kids acting out their favorite part of the book & post to social media, look online for interviews with the author, write a letter to the author giving your opinion of the book or asking questions.

Become an Official Reviewer
Children’s opinions count.  Apply to become a reviewer of children’s books.  Read the review of The Adventures of Willy Nilly & Thumper: Stella Star by Willow (Age 7) here.

Read Aloud
Read to each other – switching at the end of each chapter. Or ask your child to read aloud to you, pausing to comment and ask questions when needed. Reading aloud doesn’t have to stop when kids are old enough to read on their own. Snuggling together on the couch with a good book is fun at any age.

Dinner and a Book
Create a dinner based on the book.  Think: a western adventure with BBQ; Madeline with French cuisine or, of course, green eggs & ham!  Prepare dinner together and read the book after dinner or ask your child to read to you while you prepare dinner.

Don’t Sweat It
Allow kids to choose their own books. Help them find books about subjects that interest them. Suggest books you loved as a child.  If a particular book doesn’t spark their interest, no rule requires them to soldier through!  Pick up a different book or skip through a section. Reading is fun – not a chore.

Model Reading 
Read yourself! Talk to your children about books you are reading – what you have learned, locations you have “visited”, characters you’ve come to love.

Help your children discover the love of reading – it will last them a lifetime.