Summer Book Club for Kids

Creating a Summer Book Club for your kids will help make reading fun while they are away from school.   Here are some suggestions for making it happen.

  • Invite neighbors, classmates and friends of your children to join the club.
  • Decide on how often (weekly?) and where (members’ homes?) the meetings will be held.
  • At the first meeting, choose a name for your club (Hooked on Books, The Bookworms, etc.)
  • Decide if everyone will read a selected book each week or if each member will choose a book to read and report on at the meeting
  • Set a format for the book discussion.  Member gives the title and author of the book, summarizes the plot (without giving away the ending!), tells what they liked most and least about the book and rates the book on a scale of 1-10.  Other members can ask questions or make comments.

In addition to book reports & discussions, some fun ideas for meetings:

  • Ask a local author to visit the group and talk about his/her book.  (Email us to talk about a visit from Willy Nilly & Thumper.)
  • Ask parents to discuss their favorite childhood book with the group.
  • Take a trip to the bookstore or library.
  • Ask “Community Readers” to surprise your group with a book reading. (Local newscasters, the mayor, superintendent of schools, etc.)
  • Hold a book exchange – members bring books they have already read and exchange with other members.
  • Serve snacks related to the book club selection for that week.  (Willy Nilly & Thumper dine on soup in The Hermit’s Last Hairs.)

A book club is a great way to help your kids keep in touch with friends over the summer and a fun way to keep kids reading!