Buy A Book - Give A Book

Each time you purchase a book, your friends and community benefit.

Friends, community and the pure adventure of reading are at the heart of every story in the Willy Nilly Stories book series. Each time you purchase a book from these series, your friends and community benefit and you help a child begin a lifetime of reading adventure.

How does the program work?

The Buy a Book / Give a Book program is very straight forward. Every time you buy a book, we donate a new book to an organization that supports literacy. For each purchase, online or in stores, a book is donated to an organization that promotes literacy.

How can I help my children to understand the value of helping others?

The Adventures of Willy Nilly & Thumper and Tales From Hoop 'n' Holler series are a great place to start that conversation! Each Willy Nilly Stories book centers around doing the right thing and helping others, providing many opportunities to talk with your children about morals, ethics and charity.

Involving your children in the Buy a Book / Give a Book program will allow them to experience the good feeling that comes from helping others. Explain the program to your children and remind them that they are helping someone, simply by reading a book.

How are the charities you donate to chosen?

We carefully research charitable organizations that support literacy and donate to organizations that uphold our high standards for financial accountability and documented results. We only consider IRS 501(c) (3) non-profit organizations.

How often do you donate books?

Donations to grass roots literacy efforts (schools and local charities) are given on an on-going basis throughout the year. Larger donations to national and international organizations are given quarterly.

Are all of the donations given to charities that serve the United States?

Charitable organizations are chosen based on results and financial accountability. We donate to worthy organizations at the local level, national level and international level. We support organizations that empower through reading – everywhere in the world.

Can I follow up on the children who receive the donations?

Check our News & Events page often. We post comments and photos from some of the events and organizations that have received donated books.

In addition to the books you donate on my behalf, can I make a donation of books to help children?

Of course! Please contact us. We’ll be happy to work with you to facilitate your donation of Willy Nilly Stories books.