"Partnership between families, the school and the community is important for the success of our students." - National PTA

Willy Nilly Stories' Literacy Night gives schools the opportunity to collaborate with family members and connect with students outside the regular school day, extending learning, allowing for community participation and having fun.

National PTA defines family engagement as:

  • The role parents play in supporting their children’s academic success
  • The strategies used by schools, PTAs and community institutions to enable parents to play that role.

At Willy Nilly Stories, we support student success!

Willy Nilly Stories offers:

Free downloadable Parent Guides for each of our books, designed to engage the whole family in reading activities and to empower parents to make reading a family activity

Storylines that foster good moral values, encouraging loyalty, friendship and charity

A free Literacy Night Kit – a pre-planned, easy night of fun designed to bring families and the school together to encourage a lifelong love of reading among the students

Spanish versions of our first two books


Are you looking for a way to encourage parents to become actively engaged in their students’ academic success?  Look no further than the Willy Nilly Stories’ Literacy Night Kit.  More info.

Learn more about the 2019 State PTA Family Engagement Innovation Challenge offered by National PTA. Up to five state PTAs will be awarded $3,000 in funding and the ultimate challenge winner will receive up to $8,000 in additional implementation funding and publicity opportunities.  Learn more here.