Willy Nilly Brunch Benefits Scholarship Fund
Willy Nilly Stories hosted a brunch for PTA leaders and Librarians to introduce Tales from Hoop’N’Holler and explain Literacy Night. Authors, Jim Henry and Jimmy Patterson signed books while attendees had an opportunity to schedule a Willy Nilly Stories Literacy Night on their campus.

When a PTA has a Willy Nilly Stories Literacy Night event, 30% of the proceeds goes back to the PTA. Since the brunch was a community wide event, Willy Nilly Stories chose to give 30% of the sales at the brunch to the John Thomas Butler Memorial Scholarship Fund. Keitha Butler is John Butler’s mother and Midland Council PTA President. This is not the first time Willy Nilly Stories and Keitha have collaborated. Michele Canis, with Willy Nilly Stories said, "When we began putting the Literacy Night package together, I asked if Keitha could meet with me and go over our initial plans. I knew Keitha was the Council PTA President and that she would offer valuable input."

The food was wonderful, everyone enjoyed having the authors on hand to sign their books and sever-al PTA leaders scheduled a Willy Nilly Stories Literacy Night and we were able to give back to the John Thomas Butler Memorial Scholarship fund. If you would like to support this scholarship fund as well, be sure to sign up for the Root Beer Run Fun on May 18.

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